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Modern Tech Initiatives

Modern Tech Initiatives provides technology consulting by providing professional advice to businesses and organizations. This entails suggesting and implementing certain software and/or hardware solutions into a business or organization in order to streamline certain processes thereby improving efficiency and saving on cost.

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on technology, this type of consulting can benefit virtually any industry including those considered “low-tech”. Many businesses and organizations seek out technology consulting as they require the most updated technological acumen available, which in-house personnel may not be capable of providing in order to improve their operational efficiency.

Our experience and expertise in the field of technology over the past 19 years positions us to better meet the various technology need you might have. We are happy to provide all relevant information and references in this regard. Consequently, we are committed to providing technology consulting solutions of the best quality that will help drive your business strategy in order for you to achieve your overall business objectives. And so, it is all about TECHNOLOGY FOR THE AFRICAN PEOPLE………….


… together we make a difference

we pride ourselves in providing best prices to our customers as well as delivering excellent services.

And so, it is all about TECHNOLOGY FOR THE AFRICAN PEOPLE...